Care and Support Worker Testimonials

Hey, my name is Arron Simpson. I've been working for 360 Degrees Healthcare for the last 12 months now and I absolutely love my job!

I had previously completed 3 months in Africa volunteering in a small village working with vulnerable people and educating them on human rights.
After I came back, I've worked in sales, customer service and warehousing but I never felt that I had achieved all I could to give. January 2020 came and I wanted to get into care work, but I struggled initially due to having no care home experience / no drivers licence but 360 Degrees gave me an opportunity and it's an opportunity I'll forever cherish. I've never completed a full 12 months in one work place, but here I am, 12 months and I'm more than happy to be working here, and have no intentions of moving anywhere. Unlike the previous jobs, now I actually come home at the end of a shift and I know I've given all I can do. I know that I've made a difference, without carers, so many individuals wouldn't be able to maintain the independence of living at home, a lot more individuals than I had realised.

My work is very varied, sometimes I work locally, where assist with cleaning, medication, personal care, cooking etc, but I also go out further afield and I do 'live in care' where I will live with a client for up to 7 days at a time, providing a range of help. From working with clients that have had life changing illnesses, there's always something to learn, there's always something to give back to others. One client I work with is completely alright mentally, but has many, serious physical disabilities. Another client I live with has a degenerative mental health illness, but is physically capable of most home tasks, so having that balance of needs from others, I feel that I can give plenty of varied assistance to those who needs us. Not only with clients, but I work closely with the specialists for particular clients, therapists, GP's etc to relay as much information so as a company, we can provide the best possible support for them.

As devastating as the Covid-19 pandemic has been for us all, it's given domiciliary care workers a bit more recognition as we've not stopped working, and we've been providing care to so many people who have needed us. We've enabled individuals to stay at home, safely without the need to go to a care home / hospital, and there's a few clients who's family members have been able to reach out to us, where we can provide a bit of support, allowing their family to have a bit of time to unwind and have time to themselves. For this reason, I feel privileged that I've been able to work all year, not just helping individuals, but families who are struggling to care so much now they're out of work.

I used to feel like a robot, especially in warehousing, but now, no 2 days are the same. I could be working locally, out of town. I could be working with mentally unwell people, then physically unwell people a couple of hours later. I feel like I've accomplished a lot when I go home at the end of the day (or the week if I've been living away). It's took me a while to find what career path I'd like to go for, but now I know. I know I belong in the care industry. I firmly believe that I've landed in the arms of the right employer, who are very supportive to everyone's needs, be it you have childcare to adhere to etc, or if it's to encourage personal progression. From lots of worthwhile training, to partaking in my NVQ, the whole team have been supportive from day 1, here's to many more happy years 🍻

Arron Simpson 😊

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