Client Testimonials

What is it really like to have care provided by 360 Degrees? 

At 360 we value what our client’s think, each year we send a survey out to our client’s to improve the standards of care clients receive; client feedback is a must for 360 Degrees. 

In our most recent survey dated September 2018 feedback showed that overall;

  • Staff are friendly, kind,considerate patient and have time to listen to the client’s needs
  • The company is non judgemental, reliable and flexible
  • Client’s are respected and listened to whenever they need advice or help. Issues have been dealt with respectfully, quickly, with full support and to client satisfaction
  • Carers have the compassion and are very understanding, we are able to have a laugh and a joke
  • Carers get to know each individual and add the personal touch
  • Carers will get things done how clients like things done
  • Carers will go above and beyond what is deemed as necessary and ensure each client feels happy and safe within their own environment.
  • The same carers are sent to client’s home on a regular basis meaning client and carer rapport can be built.

Carers and management at 360 support client’s wishes and client’s have expressed a high level of satisfaction towards the care they are receiving. 

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