Respite Care

360 Degrees also provide a range of services for those who need extra support and help. One of these services is Respite Care.

Respite care, is a type of care arrangement designed to give rest or relief to unpaid carers, who are often family caregivers.  It aims to support these unpaid carers and give them a break from their caring responsibilities.

Everyone needs a break from time to time and unpaid carers or family members are no different.  It is important that they can have a rest, whether it is a short break to run errands or meet friends, or longer time spent away.  Breaks are good for an unpaid carer's physical and mental well being and most importantly can enhance the relationship with the person they care for.  Respite has also been shown to help sustain family relationships. 

This is where 360 can help as we are able to provide this type of care. One of our highly-trained members of staff takes on the care giver’s role whilst the unpaid carer takes a well-earned break. Care can be provided in the individual’s home, and many people prefer this because they can stay in a familiar environment and maintain daily routines.  

360 can provide respite in a variety of ways:

  • carers can come in during the day for a couple of hours to give the unpaid carer a break, with the unpaid carer using the time to do something they want to do such as going to the shops, visiting friends, pursuing education or learning new skills. 
  • 360 carers can spend time with the individual during the day for any number of hours and engage with them in social activities both inside and outside of the home, this gives the unpaid carer a chance to do whatever they need to do within them short hours
  • 360 can also care for the individual in their home during the night to give the unpaid carer a chance to sleep.  This service can be offered in two ways the first would be a ‘sleeper night’ basis where the care worker expects a reasonable night’s sleep but is on hand for emergencies; and the second is a ‘waking night’ service where the care worker is on duty throughout the night.
  • One of our carers can stay with the individual or make regular visits over a certain period of time so that the carer can go on holiday or have an extended break away from the home. 

All options available are dependant on the client's needs and 360 are as flexible as possible to allow the client and unpaid carer to make their own decisions on what respite care they need. 

If you would like more information about respite care or if you know someone who needs this type of care please contact the team on 01282 614888.

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