Physical Disability

360 recognise that whether an individual was born with a disability, acquired it later in life, or whether it’s permanent or temporary, it is still important for them to have independence.  This has been made much more possible in recent years with Direct Payments, Individual Service Funds and Individual Budgets which provide individuals with much more choice and control over the care and support they receive and how they live their lives.

Equipment for people with physical disabilities has also become much more advanced with the likes of ceiling hoists and further specialist equipment allowing those to maintain their independence. This type of equipment has also made it possible for most people with a physical disability to remain in their own homes rather than moving into residential care.  This means that anyone with a physical disability can be supported to invoke their right to lead an active life.


360 can help with this by providing care and support within people's home. 360 understand that each client has different needs and therefore the range of services we offer is varied depending on individual’s needs and wishes. Our services that we offer can also adapt to support all ranges and severities of a physical disability. The services range from supporting an individual with personal care, to hoisting and giving assistance when using specialist equipment such as wheelchairs and walking frames. 360 carers have also gone through specialist moving and handling training meaning they are competent to use the correct techniques. 360 carers can also use slide sheets and standing aids to assist with pressure relief ensuring an individuals well-being is maintained. 

360 understands that when an individual is experiencing prevention of physical activity this can also affect their mental health. Our care and support workers can bring a positive energy into an individuals life, ensuring that the individual still engaging in social activities and is still given the option of accessing services such as education or employment. 



If you would like more information about physical disabilities or if you know someone who needs this type of care please contact the team on 01282 614888.

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