Physical Disability

Whether an individual was born with a disability, acquired it later in life, or whether it’s permanent or temporary, it is important to have some independence.  This has been made much more possible in recent years with Direct Payments, Individual Service Funds and Individual Budgets which provide individuals with much more choice and control over the care and support they receive and how they live their lives.

Care and support provided at home makes it possible for most people with a physical disability to remain in their own homes rather than moving into residential care.  This means that anyone with a physical disability can be supported to invoke their right to lead an active, independent life.

360 can provide care and support to individuals with a physical disability to maximise their independence. We understand that each client has different needs and therefore the range of services we offer is varied depending on individual’s needs and wishes.  Our services range from support with personal care, showering, getting up and going to bed, to everyday household chores, shopping, engaging in social activities or accessing education or employment.  We provide person-centred care tailored to each individual’s needs and our care packages are designed with the individual to suit their own wishes, needs and preferences.

Our care and support workers are highly skilled and trained with wide ranging practical experience of supporting a range of physical disabilities.

All our care plans are tailored to you contact us now for a free assessment