360 Degrees prides ourselves on assisting our clients within their own homes whilst supporting them to remain as independent as possible. All of our clients retain their independence whilst receiving care, clients are at the basis of our support plans and 360 thrive on making their lives worth living. 360 Clients are overall happy with the care provided and their general health and well-being seems to have improved since 360 began their support.

In 2018 360 Degrees Healthcare and Rehabilitation were brought in by social services to support a client who was financially and mentally abused by his previous personal assistants and family members. The client is deaf and struggles to communicate with others caused by his previous neglect. Previously to having care provided by 360 the client was very reluctant to let people into his home and would barricade the front door with a broomstick or his recliner chair. He did not own blinds and had cardboard covering his windows causing the client to be very vulnerable around those he did not know. 360 carers and the management team met the client with a sensitive approach and allowed him to carry on having him own independence whilst receiving care. He instantly formed a bond with Ismail (registered manager) and multiple carers allowing him to build a rapport and trust others again.

Client and Ismail Shown Below. 

Prior to 360 carers entering the client’s home he did not own many household items such as a microwave, ironing board, washing machine or even hangers to hang up his clothing. The items that the client did own were damaged or unsuitable for use. When our management team first met the client 360 were informed by social workers that when previous personal assistants had purchased anything new, the client would dismantle the new items as a hobby. 360 management now manage the client’s finances which allowed new purchases to be made and realised the client loved new items. The new items in his home give him a sense of pride and happiness and the client will take care of all of his new belongings.

Clients New Blinds and Washing Machine Shown Below. 



The client’s carpet also had a foul stench and were ripped creating trip hazards, his household walls were also smeared with dirt and faeces. The client only owned one pair of shoes (winter boots) and did not own many items of clothing. The client was wearing the winter boots everyday of the year which caused his feet to dry out and become very unhygienic. Since 360 carers have been attending to the client on a daily basis his feet now get washed and cleaned every day, new clothing has been bought and new footwear has been purchased. A private Podiatrist has also been commissioned to attend to the client’s nails maintaining his physical well being.

Client’s Old Carpet and Damaged Recliner Chair Are Shown Below.  


As a company we have also painted, decorated and cleaned the client’s home turning it into a suitable living environment. The old carpets have also been removed and replaced creating a better standard of hygiene and removing any risk of slip and fall hazards. 360 carers will also cook and prepare fresh meals for the client which helps him maintain his diet and and well-being. This has kept him active and healthy. The client’s external appearance has drastically improved also with our assistance. Our carers will give the client a clean cut shave or assist him to the barbers and with the use of the iron and ironing board make sure he looks presentable on a daily basis. This seems to have given him a new outlook on life and made his overall mood happier on a daily basis.

The client also has psoriasis across his full body and needs cream applying on it every-day after a shower. 360 carers have been managing the psoriasis by taking him to his weekly hospital visits and ensuring they apply cream onto his body when needed. His psoriasis has now vastly improved, creating less discomfort and pain for him. This has had a serious effect of his mental health and well-being and the client seems to be a lot comfier within himself.

Client’s New Carpet and New Recliner Chair are Shown Below.    


The client is now proud of his home and will show new people, carers and social workers his household. 





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