Our Care and Support Workers

Our care and support workers are employed by our management team who are all competently trained within the health care setting. Pre- job role each support worker faces a face to face interview, DBS check and must have two written references from a previous employer. All of our care and support workers are then trained within the 15 standards of the care certificate.


When entering into the domiciliary care setting carers are doubled up with an experienced care and support worker who will show them the correct techniques used to support a client. Each carer is different and will use their own knowledge and experiences when in the work place setting. 360 thrive on taking on personal experiences to improve our services and carer feedback plays a vital part into this. Our carers are highly respected and their views are treated respectfully. Each year we take on carer feedback, 95% of carers said they were happy to work for 360 and feel a sense of satisfaction when they partake in their job.


All our care plans are tailored to you contact us now for a free assessment