Our Care and Support Workers

360 care and support workers are employed by our management team who are all competently trained within the health care setting.

Before securing the job each care/support worker has to undergo a face to face interview, DBS check and must have two written references from a previous employer. All of our care and support workers are then trained within the 15 standards of the care certificate, they are also given mandatory extra training which consists of  fire safety and challenging behaviour.

The Job Role 

When entering into the domiciliary care setting carers are doubled up with an experienced care and support worker who will show them the correct techniques used to support a client (shadowing). The shadowing will also consist of providing personal information, within reason, about a client, meaning the new carer can build a rapport with the client. 360 want clients to receive personal treatment so we ensure our carers can build this rapport. Each new carer 360 hire is also unique and will use their own knowledge and experiences when in the work place setting. 360 thrive on taking this personal knowledge to improve our services. After shadowing the registered manager will ensure the support worker is capable of working on their own and if they are he will sign them off to work on their own. The trained carer will then be able to work independently as they will have gained all the skills they need.

At 360 we work as a team meaning our care and support workers are given continuous contact with management to ensure they feel supported. This means that training does not end when they have been signed off and are out in someones home. Care and support worker are given constant guidance, training and advice throughout their time at working for 360.


Employee Of the Month Scheme

To assist our carers and help them feel a sense of pride within their work life, every month 360 also offers an employee of the month scheme, this is a recognition of achievement and is another way carers receive support from management and other staff members. The nominations for the employee of the month scheme is decided by other colleagues and clients making the scheme fair and non biased. To gain a nomination staff must exceed expectations, for example staff must go above and beyond to recognise certain situations. 



If you would like to join our team you can contact 01282 614888 for more information. 

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