Homecare Services Lancashire, Greater Manchester

We provide care and support to people in their own homes so they can remain as independent as possible. This support might take the form of helping with household tasks or personal care, or any other activity that the person may find difficult on their own. Some people will have high support needs, which may mean that they require full time care and support. Some people may need a bit of support with day-to-day activities, while others live fully independent lives. With the right support in place, people should be able to live the life they choose.

Where possible we will support you to do things for yourselves rather than doing it for you – so that we have adopt an enabling and empowering approach.

This area of our service a legally regulated activity. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to carry out personal care, meaning they must meet the standards set out by the CQC, who regulate care provision in England.

Outreach Services Calderdale

We support people with a learning disability and autistic people with outreach activities. are We work together with the person, their families and advocates to design and deliver support that promotes greater independence, confidence and self-esteem focussed on achieving positive outcomes for people.

Whether you need a few hours’ support each week, or a little more to help you meet a specific goal, we can provide support that suits you. We'll work with you to create a personalised support plan, which we will regularly review with you and anyone who you That means everything we do focuses on what matters in your life. For example, we can support you to:

  • Access learning and development opportunities including employment
  • Learn new skills which will build confidence
  • Support to use public transport so you can travel independently
  • Develop skills to self-care and help look after yourself
  • Help you manage money and pay your bills
  • Support at appointments
  • Develop healthy lifestyles such as food and nutrition planning, sporting activities
  • developing and maintaining life skills, such as food shopping, cooking and household chores

Day Opportunities Calderdale

We believe people with a learning disabilities and autistic people should live the best life possible. So, every day we create opportunities for people to take part in things they enjoy doing and help them make choices about when and where they do them.

Day Opportunities or as we like to call it ‘Life Opportunities’ is a Segway that help people with a learning disabilities and autistic people to be part of their community.   Our highly skilled staff teams support people to find hobbies they enjoy, while setting and achieving personal goals to develop skills in areas of their life they choose.

IN OUR HUB We have a studio where we teach music and arts. This in turn can develop skills in communication, teamwork and problem solving.  We also deliver Accredited Qualifications in Audio and Sound Production, Personal Development and DJing Skills

We bring people together from all walks of life and abilities.

We aren’t just another day opportunities service we are a place in the community where people feel they belong, where we can make things!


Mon-Fri: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Suite 19 The Ace Centre, Cross Street, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 7NH

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