Learning Disability

A learning disability occurs whilst the brain is still developing meaning those with a learning disability are usually born with this condition or develop the condition at an early age whilst the brain is still growing. The diagnosis usually happens before adulthood however there is a variety of learning disabilities and sometimes they can be quite difficult to diagnose. Learning disabilities can vary from person to person as each person is unique. Often an individual with a learning disability will have reduced intellectual ability or social skills and struggle in certain environments. In some cases individuals may also have physical or emotional conditions as well.

360 Degrees Health Care specialises in supporting individuals with Learning Disabilities & Autism. We work with the client and their family, friends and in some cases an advocate or social worker, to plan the package of care to ensure it meets the needs and wishes of the individual, and supports them to live the lifestyle they choose. 

360 believes that people with learning disabilities have the same needs and wishes that people without learning disabilities have. Everyone wants to be able to live independently, to have freedom and choice, to engage socially and to live as full a life as possible and people with learning disabilities are no exclusion this. In 2001, the Valuing People White Paper set out a ‘new vision’ for people with learning disabilities and identified four key principles: of rights, independence, choice and inclusion. The care that 360 provide to people with learning disabilities seeks to promotes these principles and centres around providing person-centred care to individuals in their own home or local community.


The type of care and support that 360 provide to people with a learning disability varies widely depending on individual’s needs and wishes. It can range from providing support with personal care to supporting an individual to meet friends, learning new skills, going shopping, playing a sport or pursuing a hobby.

Our care and support workers are highly skilled and trained as they attend mandatory training which includes learning skills and techniques to use with people who show challenging behaviours, autistic spectrum disorders, complex health needs, physical disabilities and sensory impairment. Our care and support workers also have practical experience which they have gained whilst in the domiciliary care setting.


If you would like more information about learning disabilities or if you know someone who needs care within this domain please contact the team on 01282 614888.

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