Understanding Learning Disabilities



360 Degrees Health Care specialises in supporting individuals with Learning Disabilities & Autism. The training we provide ensures that our workers have the right values, skills and knowledge to provide high quality, person-centred support to individuals who use our services.

This training course helps to understand what a learning disability is and what it can mean for the individual with a learning disability. The training course will expand on how carers can deal with behaviours and changes within a domiciliary care environment which may affect their client with learning disabilities. Within day to day life those with learning disabilities seem to face more barriers than those who do not have learning disabilities, this course will also show how public perception can lead to inclusion and how carers should deal with this by adapting their own lifestyles and communication.

The Learning outcomes of the course are;

  • Identify what is meant by “Learning Disability”
  • Consider causes of Learning Disability, including reviewing some common genetic syndromes.
  • Discuss the health care needs of the people with learning disabilities.
  • Explore strategies for supporting an individual with a learning disability.

By the end of the course participants will be able to;

  • Identify what is meant by a “learning disability”,
  • Explore the differences between “learning disability” and “learning difficulty”
  • Discuss how someone may develop a learning disability, including an insight into both genetic and other causes,
  • Consider what person centred approaches can be used when supporting someone with a learning disability,
  • Identify critical aspects of care and support for people with a learning disability, such as health planning and support.


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