How we can help

We provide services for individuals wanting to remain independent and live in their own home. At 360 we believe that independence is key, our staff tend to client's needs. 

We can provide support at various times of the day or, in some cases over a full 24-hour period or even a longer.  The needs of people using the service vary greatly and packages of care are designed to meet individual circumstances.

So, what does this mean?

At 360 we believe that that answer lies with our clients.  They know how best we can support them to aid and maintain their lifestyle and independence.

We provide a variety of different services such as:

Personal Care

Helping clients get off to the best possible start to their day by helping them get up, washing or showering, getting dressed and having breakfast. At the end of each day, some help with getting ready for bed.


Help with shopping, we can come along with our clients to help them or agree to a shopping list, go to purchase the items then put them all away once we return to the client’s home.

Meal Preparation

We help clients to prepare, cook and serve nutritionally balanced meals, taking into consideration client choices and any cultural and religious needs

Prompting & Administering Medication

Our trained staff will prompt and support clients to ensure that medication is taken at the right time, to maintain good health and wellbeing. We can collect prescriptions and get medicines from chemists.

Domestic Chores

Completing household chores such as cleaning, laundry and ironing on a regular basis or whenever indicated by our clients.


Some people will also prefer some time out from their home and would like someone to take them out for maybe a shopping trip, going to the cinema or just trip a to the park.

Care at Night

Care which can be provided throughout the night for those clients who require it. This service can be offered in two ways. The first would be a ‘sleeper night’ basis where the care worker expects a reasonable night’s sleep but is on hand for emergencies and the second service is a ‘waking night’ service where the care worker is on duty throughout the night.

Live-in Care

Live in care – providing a care worker to live with you in your home. Similarly, we often provide live-in care when a client needs temporary support through a period of recovery or healing when returning from hospital.

Respite Services

Provision of a respite service. If the main carer does require a break or is busy then we can support you during that period to ensure you still have the right care.


Clients who have been discharged from hospital after illness or an operation may wish to contact us for short term care until they are fully fit and can get back to their old lifestyle.

This is only a selection of the things we can help you with. If you require other services to suit your needs, please get in touch with us.

All our care plans are tailored to you contact us now for a free assessment