F.A had a stroke in 2013 which has left her with paralysis in the left side of her body. Due to this physical disability she has lost her ability to walk, she uses a wheelchair around her home and can only leave her house with support from carers.

Carers support F.A on four calls throughout the day; morning, dinner, lunch and bed.

During these calls 360 carers assist F.A out of bed and support her to get ready for the day ahead which includes all aspects of personal care. They will prepare her meals and ensure she has enough fluids throughout the day.

F.A also struggles to do her weekly shopping, 360 carers will undertake this task for her with her permission and ensure she has cupboards full of nutritious food.

F.A's family do not live within the same area as her and she has no other forms of companionship. 360 carers have become part of F.A's family, building up a relationship by respecting her confidentiality and providing company to prevent loneliness.

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