End of Life Care

360 Degrees provide a range of services for those who need extra support and help. One of these services is End of life care. 

We can provide care and support to individuals with a terminal illness or condition that has progressed to a stage where they require end of life care.   We can work with the individual to plan their end of life care and recognise that this is personal to each individual as each will have their own unique needs for information and support.

360 can help make sure that a client is comfortable whilst being supported in their home.  Our care workers have experience of working with relevant health teams and professionals to ensure that a synchronized and seamless service is delivered at all times.

The priorities, wishes, needs and choices of our clients are our priority when planning and delivering this care.  We aim to have open and sensitive communication with our clients and their families and friends to understand the range of options and resources available to them and to involve them in the planning of their care.

Our care workers are fully trained in end of life care and are supported to develop further knowledge and skills.

If you or your family members need this type of care or know of someone who does please contact 01282 614888.

All our care plans are tailored to you contact us now for a free assessment