In 2018 360 Degrees acquired a new client. The client known as D.R is registered blind and has been diagnosed with a learning disability, due to this she needs support with all daily chores.

360 work with D.R 7 days a week supporting her with morning calls, dinner calls, tea calls and bed calls. During these four calls 360 support D.R with personal care, administering of medication, household cleaning and meal preparation. Twice a week 360 carers will also stay with D.R for an extended visit, during this visit carers can help D.R with tasks such as grocery shopping, going on walks into town and paying bills. 360 carers will also assist her to doctors appointments using her own disability car and out to the local cafes.

Due to D.R's condition she can not read bills or take her medicine without assistance from carers. Even though D.R is reliant on 360 carers, carers still give D.R the opportunity to remain independent by offering her choices on what she would like to do on a daily basis and still allow her to prepare meals for her husband.

D.R has built a lovely rapport with 360 carers and management and is very happy with the care she is receiving. 

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