Client Feedback

At 360 we value what our client’s think. Every year we send a survey out to our client’s to improve the standards of care clients receive, a huge part of this is by taking into consideration client feedback. In our most recent survey dated September 2018 feedback showed that staff are friendly, kind,considerate patient and have time to listen to the client’s needs. The company is also non judgemental, reliable and flexible.

In regards of management client feedback during the CQC inspection stated that 360 keep in touch with client’s on a regular basis and they are very approachable, someone is available via telephone 24 hours a day. Client’s are respected and listened to whenever they need advice or help. Issues were dealt with respectfully with full support, quickly and to client satisfaction.

In regards to carers client’s found that carers get to know each individual and how you like things done. Carers will add a personal touch to care, go above and beyond what is deemed as necessary and ensure each client feels happy and safe within their own environment. The same carers are sent to client’s home on a regular basis meaning client and carer rapport can be built.

Carers and management at 360 support client’s wishes and client’s have expressed a high level of satisfaction towards the care they are receiving.

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