Care and Support Worker Testimonials

What is it really like to work for 360 Degrees? 



"The training and support provided by 360 has allowed me to develop as an individual."

March 2017 

 "I joined the care industry as I wanted to make a difference in people's lives and be there for them in their times of need. Being a part of the 360 team or should I say, family, makes me feel appreciated. I feel like I'm achieving my goals, this is not just a job to me, this is my life and I absolutely love it". 

June 2019 

"I have worked for 360 for 6 months following 22 years working in an office, my last job being 14 years as a Warranty Administrator for a car dealership. So now at the age of 38 to venture into a brand new career was initially quite daunting. Before applying I knew that I had deep down desire to help people to the best of my ability. So what can I say, well, I have never worked for such a company who listens and takes care of each of their staff. As staff, we are all individuals with totally different levels of needs and requirements, all with our different personalities with the one same goal - to enable others to live their best life possible to carry out all what our company 360 stands for and because of this our managers and colleagues alike listen and take into consideration all of our feedback, issues and recommendations for improvements and actually take action to make things better for all of us. Because without this listening and understanding on a personal level there can be no moving forward of the company, 360 do this thoroughly so me, us the staff can go out there, into the community to our service users and to our friends and family speaking very highly of the company we work for because they invest so much time in us. What goes around comes around. I most certainly recommend anyone and everyone to apply and work for 360 who are a very friendly, approachable, accommodating and caring company. I look forward to working for them for a very long time."

December 2019 

95% of carers said they were happy to work for 360 and feel a sense of satisfaction when they partake in their job

 Survey dated 2017 


"The people whom I work with are really nice and by assisting people daily I feel like this makes their lives more empowered, as we are supporting them to become more independent. Seeing clients say "Thank You" or even getting a thumbs up or a smile makes every moment special. Some clients feel like we are a part of their families and the managers treat you like family also. I came looking for a job, but instead I found a loving warm hearted atmosphere, almost like home" 


July 2019 

"I enjoy my job so much, we make a big difference to the clients we look after. For some clients we maybe the only person they see everyday and seeing them smile makes me so happy. When they smile, you know they look forward for the next visit and I look forward to my next shift. This is the best job i have ever done!"

August 2019

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