Being from a BAME background and the Covid Vaccine

My name is Alia. I am a care and support worker and I'd like to share my views on the vaccine, mostly specially addressing the rumours i noticed in my own community. Because of these rumours I decided to do my own research, as trying to live a vegan natural lifestyle is important to me, but so is staying safe and keeping others around me safe, especially in my line of work.
I think that getting the vaccine is something I can actively do to change things, and protect those most vulnerable in our communities.
Since COVID-19 enters our lives, it's been a massive change for almost a year now, and a daunting change of life for most. With that being said, I've remember when I felt I could see a light at the end of the tunnel when by mid August 2020 over 100,000 people from all communities across the UK volunteered to take part in the COVID vaccine trials.
Additionally, in November 2020 Yougov research showed that two thirds of the public asked said they were either very or likely to take the vaccine when it became available.
However, there were rumours and advise from all sides, with me being from a mixed ethnic background. People stated the vaccine contained several animal products, making it unsuitable for vegans or vegetarians. And it was also rumoured to be unsuitable for those of Muslim or Jewish faith and some rumours that spread even mentioned tracking devices were to be injected instead of the vaccine.


I know that rumours can spread quicker than truth. And I felt confident I had enough logical skills to think about this and do my own individual research to make judgments for myself, some of the research I found was extremely helpful. For instance, I found the Vegetarian Society had advised that based on the ingredients and other information given they stated the vaccine does not contain animal products. Another piece of research I found was a statement released in December 2020 by the British Islamic Medical Association about the phizer vaccine for COVID-19. In summary, they recommended the vaccine for eligible and high-risk individuals in the Muslim communities and encouraged everyone to do what's needed to help keep each other safe. Finally also December 2020, the World Health Organisation issued its first emergency use validation for the COVID 19 vaccine. In order for this to be completed they had to task regularity experts from around the world, as well as experienced experts who are already part of their organisation to review the data and any evidence presented. in doing so they advised that they had reviewed the Pfizer vaccine safe. They had checked not only the Pfizer vaccine safety but its efficiency and quality. I felt that this was great news, because it allowed vital organisations such as UNICEF to distribute the vaccine to developing countries in dire need.
So you can see During my research I found there are many facts, statements and guides to those worried about the vaccine from many responsible, resources, as well as reliable organisations. I do think Dismissing the vaccine should never be done lightly, especially over rumours, I believe getting the vaccine contributes to saving lives, helping our communities and the strain on the NHS.

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